Square One and a Sigh Of Relief

Once again we were back at the shelter and my mom had sold her car for drugs so we didn’t have a way to go anywhere. Only she told me someone stole it. Everything was okay until one day my mom met me leaving out the door to tell me someone living there was going to babysit me until she came back because minors couldn’t be left alone while their parent were out. So she left me with someone she trusted which that was the rules after all. She signed out and like that she was gone. Some time had past and she wasn’t back by the time she wrote on the sign out sheet that she’d be back. The curfew was 10 o’clock and everyone had to be in their rooms. The staff came back to work and called me through the intercom to come to the office. When I got there they questioned me on where my mom could be and I told them everything. She was at the gate after curfew and they asked me if I wanted her to come back and I told them no. I asked them if I could call my grandma and ask her to pick me up and they said yes. So, that’s what I did and she agreed to come get me and told me to just take care of the things I needed to until she got there. I had to learn how to do everything myself with the staffs help but I did it and finally my grandma was there to rescue me. It was a long trip back to Mississippi but it was a weight lifted off my soldiers. By then, my grandma had moved into an independent living apartment for seniors so technically I wasn’t supposed to stay there, but the manager signed me as her caregiver so noone could say anything. Everything was great but I had a lot of mental healing to do. I would wake up freaking out thinking I was still with my mom in Texas only to wake up beside my grandma in her bed. I would also have terrible nightmares and would wake up screaming and crying but my grandma would always be there to comfort me. My grandma signed me up to a Christian school that my church had built because I thought that would help me to be around positive energy but I was wrong again. I was bullied more at the Christian school but I was in public school but I was happy overall until one day my mom called and told me she was coming to Mississippi.

Published by southernhospitality23

I am 25 years old and a mother of 2. I'm also married and apart of the LGBT community.

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